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Arpit Jain

Hi all,

I am doing my PhD in control system, with research area being Fuzzy Logic Controllers, specifically in type-2 fuzzy logic controllers (T2FLC).

I am unable to formulate an industrial application which justifies the use of T2FLC. As T2FLC can handle processes with high uncertainties (which may arise due to modeling error, measurement error, unmeasured parameters, various noise parameters etc.)

Can anyone help with the problem formulation!!!

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Bob Peterson

Most industrial systems are designed in such a way as a true fuzzy logic system of any kind really does not make much sense.

I have created decision matrices many times that I have from time to time called "fuzzy logic", but that was because I did not really have a better name for it. I have yet to see any real fuzzy logic system implemented in any industrial system that was done because ti would improve the system any. It was generally done as some kind of test or just for the heck of it.

You may want to look at pH control or other non-linear PV vs. CV requirements. There are methods short of FLC to handle this but particularly if there is a cascaded loop in the middle of the control, FLC may be a way to handle it.

Adapting to multiple PVs and controlling how they interact is an area where traditional PID can either be complex or just fall short of the needed control. This then potentially opens the path for alternative control schemes.

Russ K
Also, look into application areas on Model Predictive Control, which attempts to solve a similar problem. You may be able to get some ideas from there.