UL508/UL508a 12VDC System


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T. Jones

Does UL508/UL508a apply to 12VDC systems?

We are desiging a control panel for a portable, diesel powered, pump system. The electrical system is powered by a 12VDC battery. Our customer wants to ensure our panels meet the UL508/UL508a requirements (wants a sticker). However, I having difficulty in finding anything applicable to 12VDC, or DC for that matter, in the specifications. Any ideas?

Phil Corso, PE

Responding to T.Jones Jun 6, 5:13 pm query... no specific mention of 12 volts is made.

However, an associate of mine inolved with panel builds to UL508/UL508a requirements, advised that certification is sought if the customer requests and is willing to pay for it!

Phil Corso, PE
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