Unable to Place ABB Bailey BRC410 in Excute Mode


We have redundant system ABB Bailey BRC410 in our DCS. Last time when we do online configuration to download some rungs, suddenly the backup module error and the download process is not stopping but continue looping until for about 30 minutes. I have no choice so I cancel the download process. And the primary and backup module become error. it can go to configure mode, and I try to re-download. The download was successful but when I try to put in execute mode the both module become error. I have tried to switch primary and backup (with switching dip switch SW2) but the problem still exist. Even I have restored old backup project and re download again but still can not put in execute mode. From status report and problem report not found any error on the module.

Anyone have same problem or have some experiences on troubleshooting ABB Bailey BRC410?

Thanks in advance.