'unbalanced' three phase delta system


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Stephen Harms


I'm a third level electrical apprentice who is currently at school trying to understand the niceties of the three phase system.

My question is in regards to the equation Ic = Ibc + Ica et al. I understand how to get, say, Ica of the equation and what angle that is. However my problem lies within getting the other angle so as to figure out Ic.

If anyone has the answer please contact me via email at [email protected].

Thanks Stephen
Stephen... because Ibc and Ica are vectors, they too will have magnitudes and corresponding angles. Vector addition will yield angle 'c'.

The trick is to know how to find the phase-angles associated with the phase-currents Ibc, and Ica.

For an unbalanced system the delta-triangle will be distorted. Thus, you start with the Law-of-Cosines.

I suggest acquiring an Electrical Power textbook.

Regards, Phil Corso