USB to Fiber Optic converter


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Xueqing Liu

Dear List:

Does anyone know if there is a USB to Fiber Optic coverter available on the market?


Claire Liu
We are designing a convert, it can exchange data
100KByte/sec, But it requires two points run win98
or win2000.if you interest this, pls. contact me.
best regards.
wang tao

Daniel Gilmore

I am interested in a USB to Fiber Optic converter as well and any information would be appreciated. Thank you

george sargent

George wrote:
SI Tech has introduced our Model 2170 and 2171 Hub allowing up to 4 devices to be connected over 1 fiber. Please call me at 630-761-3640

Dave Clifford

Yes we make a USB 1.0 to fiber converter.

It has been used in underwater digital stills photography file transfers to the surface. It will extend your link to 20+ kilometers. You can go to our website at or call me at 410 379-6658.

Dave Clifford