Using RM7800L1053 to Integrate with PLC and HMI

I am working on the Rm7800 series for my new burner controller. The configuration that I have will be like:
PLC AB ControlLogix + HMI (FactoryTalk) --> Modbus bridge converter (Prosoft) --> RM7800L1053 + S7830A1005 + S7810M (Modbus communication module)

I would like to get a lot of status from the table 15 (7800 Series Sequence State Codes) to display in my HMI (like the status of valve, flame scanner, etc.). But the register 40003 will give me only 1 integer value at a time. How can I get the status I want to display on my HMI? (I am using FactoryTalk Studio)

This is the manual of the S7810M Honeywell Modbus Module

The RM7800L's is a flame safety 'programmer/controller' that sequences through the ignition process.

The Modbus register (4)0003 is the Sequence State. A programmer/sequencer has only one state at a time. Table 22 shows the overview of the states: initiate, standby, purge, Pilot Ignition, Main Ignition and so on.

The Sequence state register will indicate
1) whether there's a fault or
2) if there is no fault, which Sequence state the safety controller is in.

The state is also available from the state bit register, (4)0013, where the Alarm state, Hold State and Lockout states occupy the high order nibble.

Other 'outside' data available is flame strength, available from (4)0011.
Hi David_2,

Thanks so much for your reply. Now, it makes sense to me. So, after I read through the manual, I can get the status from all terminals of the expanded annunciator (S7830A1005).
Is it possible that I can do the same status with the RM7800L1053 using Modbus command?

For now, I can use the register 40015 to get all status from the expanded annunciator, but the manual does not tell me the register that I can get the status from the relay module.

Yes, you can read the bit coded status of the interlocks wired to the S7830A annunciator from register (4)0015 and the first out from register (4)0014, reading from the RM7810M module on the RM7800L.