Using the IP242B Counter module with S7


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I'm trying to teach myself how one of our stacking machines uses the IP242B Counter Module. We have an S7 400 with 4 IP242B counters. 1 controls the ledges which lift the sheet metal of the belts whilst it's being fed in and the other 3 control the drop in stacker 1 and 2. All the modules use 1 input ,the incremental encoder on the stacker belt. OB41 is used to control the
ledges and OB42 is used to control the drop off. If the job is large the operators have the option of a 'Delayed sheet drop off' which drops the
middle first this uses OB42. OB 30 and OB 38 are used as well but I'm not sure what for. What I'm having difficulty understanding is how the OB4x are started. The manual we have is written for S5 ,all the modules are in S5 adapters. Also OB 38 is only started when 'delayed sheet drop off' is selected. I haven't much experience with S5 .The other parts of the machine, coil line, press and stacker. Use the S5 95F to control the safety side of the things. This rarely goes wrong. So my experience is limited. Any help would be appreciated .