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I want to know how the UV sensor works( working principle ) and how can we cold test it that whether it is o.k or not.
Hello Abdul,
I haven't done it before with a UV sensor but with a LDR type of sensor.But I got some idea which may help you.
Try to get UV lamp source which you can drive with a constast mains source. Keep the UV lamp source exposed to a good UV sensor at varying distances , say, 200cm until 1200 cmm( which may vary and depends upon the specific model of UV sensor) and try to read the current through UV sensor. You may need also a load resistor and a contant electrode voltage in series with the UV sensor. You can get some idea of the values you should use from the circuits which employs the sensors(for eg. a burner flame detector circuit).
From a good sensor you can generate a plot of distance versus UV sesnor current.Repeat the test for all then sensors of same model which you need to test. A comparision of the results will give you the sensors which have degraded performance.

I hope this may help you.
Kamath RL

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Dear Mr.Abdul:
You can check the working of sensor with ordinary wax candle.
Flame from wax candle contains UV radiations.
This method is widely used for checking in thermal power plants.

Best of luck