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Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

Hello All,

I am in the process of automating a Vegetable Oil Refinery but have no clue about the process. The plant is a revamp and the design has been modified
sufficiently to render the old documents void.

I am looking for the process description of the following areas:
1) Neutralization Process
2) Bleaching Process
3) Acid Dosing

All the help would be highly appreciated.


Alan Rimmington

You need to talk to the process design engineers or obtain their functional design specification. Failing that the old documentation is probably as close/closer to the new plant design as any one here can tell you.


Just getting the old design is only the first step of the process.

If you are going to successfully automate the plant, you will need to do two things:

--produce as-built piping and wiring diagrams
--produce a process control schematic with actual running parameters such as temperature, pH, etc.

This means you will have to pile into coveralls and climb all over the stupid plant, writing down what you see and taking readings from
instruments. Where there are no instruments, you will have to install them.

Successful automation requires a methodology that begins with "know what you have, know what it does, know why it does it."

Walt Boyes

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Dr P Sastri, Director, G G K Systems Pvt

Dear Sir

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