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Federico Badillo

Hello Guys:

I have a question about Visual Basic, We would like to get an interface with an industrial PC and a teach Pendant ( serial ASCII ) to select a message number in the teach pendant, and then preset values from the teach pendant to the computer, Is Visual Basic a good program to develop this interface with ASCII?

Thank you.

Federico B.

I have used VB 6.0 and the MSCOMM control to write a number of serial communication programs. It is very flexible and through the use of COM you can communicate with other programs.

Dan Melton

John F. Vales

Based upon your description, it sounds like VB would be a good fit. As long as the speed of the interface is not critical, or safety-related, you should have no problems. jfv

John F. Vales
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Ing. Pietro F. Maggi

Hi Federico,
Visual Basic is a good, simple tools for these things. Other solution involve other "generic tools" like delphi and C++Builder or "control tools" like LabView. I think that your best pick depends on your programming experience. If you
normally use VBasic, go with it. If you usually work with C/C++ go with C++Builder (for this tool, and Delphi too, you can find in internet free serial components with source and help files).

Best Regards

Pietro F. Maggi p.maggi AT studiomaggi DOT com