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Perry Marshall

Hi Everyone,
I wrote a book called "Industrial Ethernet: A Pocket Guide" which was just published by ISA press. I'd like some of you to review it and post your comments (good, bad or indifferent) on Amazon when the book becomes available there.
Here's the deal: I'll send a FREE copy of the book to the first 10 people to contact me and who promise to 1) read this short book, 2) post your candid feedback at Amazon, and 3) agree to let me and the publisher use your comments.
The book really is brief and is exactly as described: a little pocket book with just the essentials on Industrial Ethernet system design, product selection and basic Ethernet & TCP/IP concepts. You can find out more at ISA's website
"http://www.isa.org/Template.cfm?Sec...=/Ecommerce/ProductDisplay.cfm&ProductID=5734":http://www.isa.org/Template.cfm?Sec...=/Ecommerce/ProductDisplay.cfm&ProductID=5734 or my website
Thanks very much!
To contact me, just visit my website and click on a link to send me an email.
Perry Sink Marshall
I'll give you a review right here...and I'll write one at Amazon too.

The Pocket Guide is one of my desk reference books since I got an advance copy of it. It is written so even idiots like me can understand it, and use it. I think it is in the same league as Glover's Pocket Ref, and the Pocket
Pal for graphic artists. If you work with Industrial Ethernet, you better buy this book, and stick it in your pocket, briefcase, tool box, or whatever you carry around on the job with you. If you think you need to know about
Industrial Ethernet, buy this book and carry it around in your pocket for when you have a chance to catch five minutes and read a few pages.

This is the best book published by ISA this year. And that includes my own book, "eBusiness in Manufacturing" so that says a lot.

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