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I have 50 locations in Europe where I have installed a 3G device to send monitor various fire signals and send them back to our server. this so far done, but I am looking for web-based, HMI / SCADA software to enable my client to log in to the web and log user name and password where he can see a map with various pins (locations in Europe) and monitor the status of the equipments on sites, ie if there any faults or alarms. this could be in form of dashboard with a list of signals (30 each site) and being able to see the history log and the site layout (mimic). is there any idea?
We have a product called the Status Vision Designer that allows you to build web projects and connect gauges, labels, alarms, etc to your data. Check it out here at www.statusvision.com

We can communicate to your device, or communicate through OPC.

Download a trial a check it out, let me know if you have any questions, please email me and we and we can talk more about your project.

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James Ingraham

There are lots of options. Some that come to mind are InduSoft, Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk ViewPoint, PVBrowser, and MBLogic. Possibly Spectrum Controls. I'm guessing all of the big guns have some sort of solution these days.

-James Ingraham
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We at Willowglen will be more then happy to assist you in executing your Web based SCADA solution.

We have been in the industry for over 30 years and besides providing you with a web based HMI we can also offer you a web based RTU to gather all your data.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] or you can check our our website at www.willowglen.com.my

İsmail MISIR

That can be done it is not so difficult. If you plan to use professional HMI products i do recommend Indusoft Web scada or wonderware Intouch solutions. If i will pay i would prefer
custom VB based web applications.

This applications will have following definitions:

1- Server (CSS) to those 3G devices to get data and archiving them in database (log)

2- Server (CSS) to all those 30 (more) customers to provide data to them, User Login Control must be done user data from your database table.

3- Customer (Remoter) side software (RSS), this software will be mainly Client to Central Server (your server). Customer application software -program- will demand data from Server.

4- Customers will have PLC system and mimic panel which may be supplied by you or by third party.Customer Side Software will pass data to PLC.

For sure all of these will be performed under well designed custom protocol. Applications will be TCP based client server application.


İsmail MISIR
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Nathan Boeger

Ignition from Inductive Automation would be well suited for that application. Are you logging your 50 locations to an SQL database? What kind of database are you using and what does the format of you data look like? Do the 30 location "pins" change? It sounds like you just need a map overlay with links that take you to screens (or separate systems) that display those historical points.


Nathan Boeger