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Mark Olsen

I have a Momentum PLC running a M1e processor addaptor (980-20) and I know
there are some web pages produced buy the PLC (abouts its health, register
usage and so on) but i dont know how to access these pages. Once i have
acessed these i can then move on to load in some of my own custom pages to
display the data i am logging, which could prove very useful.
I have a ethernet link from a PC to the PLC which works fine with ProWorx to
program the PLC and to access the PLC data using a SCADA package. However
using web pages to display the PLC data looks very interesting method as it
will be much cheaper than buying a licence for the SCADA packag in future.
Does anyone know how to access these web pages the PLC produces?
Well all you need to do is open a web browser and in the address put in the IP address of the device. The same IP address you use in
ProWORX or the SCADA package.

However, Momentum does not allow for customer-designed web pages yet. All you can do are the built-in web pages. Premium, Micro, and
Quantum PLCs allow custom web pages, but not Momentum.

If you get stuck, email me. I've set up all of the current Modicon PLCs on ethernet networks many times.

You get at the the Momentum PLC pages using http://<ipaddress_of_plc> from any browser. You can't load your own pages in Momentum (yet),
you have to go to Quantum for that. The Momentum pages only show health and current I/O status for now.


George Ziegler

The Momentum web pages can be viewed using any standard web browser using the IP address of the M1E as the URL location
(http://***.***.***.***). These are generic web pages provide information on the Ethernet statistics and controller and local I/O status.

A software utility to upload and download custom web pages into all models of the M1E will be available in the first quarter of 2002. This
utility will have a similar look and feel to the exec loader in Concept.

The software utility will also be bundled with a modification to the SAComLT Java Jar file that will enable the user to create Java Applets
to read and write data to the M1E processor through these custom web pages.
Hi Chris
Im having problems still. I have tried typing in the ip adress in explorer but i keep getting no response from the PLC (i keep getting the
message This page can no be displayed in exploerer). Im guessing i have got my explorer set up wrong to acess the PLC. Or do i have to
enable something in the PLC to allow the web pages to be accessible? My email address is [email protected] if you could give me any help.


Fernando Capelari - Schneider Brasil

Check the firmware of your 980-20 M1E CPU.

At the first versions, it hadn't got built-in web pages.

As far as I know, the web pages were added after the 1.04 version of the firmware.

Jerry Mandybur

Try to ping the Momentum. If you cannot then you may need to adjust IP addresses to be on the same network. If you are able to ping the PLC then your
browser should be able to access the web pages, provided your model has some included, simply by typing in the IP address of the Momentum into the address bar of your browser and then click "go". Good luck, Jerry