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Mike Spaeth

Need help figuring out what the different timers mean in a Westinghouse PLC program. They have 'TS' and 'TT' designations. What would the Allen Bradley Equivalent be???

Any help would be greatly appreciated..
What this means is TS is timers in seconds and TT means Timers in Tenths of seconds. This was used in all the Numa Logic platforms.

Russ W.

Thanks alot for the help. I was wondering if you could answer me another question. I have a printout of the Westinghouse logic. On the timer rung, there is two lines. I'm assuming the top line is the timer enable, and the bottom line is the timer preset. Is this correct? If so, I have one timer rung that has the same input on both lines. How would this work? Does the timer not reset until it has timed out?

Thanks in advance for your help.
The top line is an enable
The second line is a reset
By tyinb the lines together in effect the timer will reset when the enable is lost