What is the full form of VCMI


I want to know if you read the Mark VI System Guide section about the VCMI.

The GE Mark VI Speedtronic control system uses printed circuit cards that (generally) conform to the Versa Modular European standard (also known as VME). Hence, the “V” in VCMI means the card is a VME standard card.

The VCMI card is used to allow various modules and printed circuit cards to communicate with each other in order to work with each other to monitor, control and protect a system (in a power plant it’s usually a high-speed turbine and auxiliaries of some sort, but it may be the balance of plant systems (water treatment; boiler auxiliaries; fuel handling; etc.). Without the VCMI it’s not possible to use multiple cards and/or modules for different types of I/O (Inputs and/or Outputs).

In GE-speak the VCMI is the IONET bus master communication controller.

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The best place to start learning about GE Mark VI control systems is the Mark VI System Guide, GE Publication Number GEH-6421. Volume I is a generic description of the system and components and installation. Volume II is a more detailed description of each of the possible printed circuit cards which might be used to monitor, control and protect a turbine and it’s auxiliaries in a power plant. It’s a bit like trying to describe each part in an internal combustion engine without understanding what an internal combustion engine can be used for—but it is helpful for individual component descriptions and is the best place to begin trying to understand what the various components are capable of doing.

Finally, a copy of the Mark VI System Guide should be in every set of the Operation & Maintenance Manuals provided with equipment controlled by a Mark VI. Alternatively, it should also be on every HMI used to interface with a Mark VI. Look for GEH-6421*.pdf (where the * represents the Rev (Revision) designation (for example, RevJ).

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I am so grateful to you. I have read the GEH-6421. But it is not clearly have written there that the "V" stands for "VME Standard card"
Does it matter what a card is called--or what it does? (With the exception of the main microprocessor card (UCVx), if I recall correctly all the other cards in Mark VI racks begin with V.)

Thank you for the thank you.