What is your opinion on Plantscape/Experion


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I am interested in opinions from people who have truly spent time programming and troubleshooting Honeywells new "DCS" (Plantscape/Experion with the C-200 controllers). Personally I am very disappointed in the product and would have expected much more from Honeywell. Does this product have a future?

Hello Russ!

I did work with the graphical interface of Experion PKS. In the past I've worked with the graphical interface of the GUS. I can say that Experion PKS HMIWeb Display Builder is much better then the GUS Display Builder. I'm aware that the graphic building is not the most important thing in a system, but that is the Human Machine Interface which the operators see.

As far as I know also the point building is much better in this new product.

Can you be more specific about the things which disappointed you in the Experion PKS?