I would like a opinion about developing OPC clients.

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Jean Carlo Gerhardt

Good morning.

I would like a opinion about two components for developing OPC clients. I am developing a supervisory system opc client and a web access interface to the HMI control system.

I would like the opinion of the nobles experienced colleagues about the best component of the market today to develop OPC clients and be able to work on the web too and has a cost in the range of $1,000.

I'm testing two components so far, the OPCDA.NET Advosol and QuickOPC-Classic 5.12.

If you have any other component in this price range and has the possibility to work on the web would also like to test.

Thank you.

William Finn

I recommend OPC Systems.Net from Open Automation Software. They have a feature dedicated to HMI development that works within the VB.Net development environment.