When to use profibus over Fieldbus

hello all.

I'm new and just learning.

I was wondering if someone could tell me in lamens terms when profibus would be preferable over Fieldbus?
Is it as simple as easy profibus would be used for Fire and Gas as it for the zone 0 & 1 usage and no need to control the instruments whilst process (valves ate) would be on Fieldbus to allow two-way control and feedback etc?

Would you ever use Fieldbus for fire and gas?

if you could answer in lamens terms I'd appreciate it.
Given CAPEX you're talking about, you might want to spend 20 minutes looking at some the past threads on Profibus/Foundation Fieldbus. Remember, most people have a position to defend in a business sense.

Some 15 year old comments:



Jonas Berge's comments at

Notice the Original Poster's question about Foundation Fieldbus was never answered. The answer was about HART, not FF

About a year ago, I personally found factory support (from a non-Emerson vendor) for Foundation Fieldbus in the US to be very lacking.