Which bubbler system preferred Pulsed Bubbler or continuous


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looking to get any feedback on these bubbler systems from experience people who is dealing with them. which one you prefer for your plant in terms of accuracy maintenance and configuration and calibration
To be blunt - you have given us absolutely no useful information to give you feedback. Is this a water bubbler for schoolchildren to drink water from, argon for steelmaking, gas for powder fluidising? Ask a better question and you will get a better answer. Start by telling us what you're trying to do in sufficient detail and any products you've looked at before.
Not quite sure what "pulsed" refers to.

Some level bubbler systems incorporate a timer and solenoid valves to provide a periodic purge of the sensing tube, where solids can build up, if needed.

As to what is used, we've always assembled a system from components. Line pressure regulator, a Moore differential regulator, a DP transmitter, some pipe.