erratic level indication from bubbler system


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Michael Yoshida

The application is a liquid zone control system used to control reactor power. There are 14 compartments of demin water positioned in the reactor core to control neutron flux. part of the system uses a bubbler level system to measure level in the compartments. the bubbler lines are only 1/8 inch in diameter. There a four more connections to the zone: Water inlet, Water Outlet, Balance Gas Pressure, and a vent. The compartment is tubed to the main gas/water system via 3/8 inch lines. Could anyone suggest cleaning/flushing equipment to clean out flush suspected debris in the system.

I was the same erratic problem some years ago in a different application. the bubbler tubing was 1/4 inch diameter and itself produced without any liquid I mean 0% of level almost 15% of indication. this was caused by the differential pressure created by the tubing. Then I used 1/2 inch diameter and this problem was fixed.

I don't know how much can be affect your process or if this can be done in your particular process. If you can do the following test, in your calibration facilities put the transmitter with the same tubing and accessories, open the bubbler system. I mean run the air inside the tubing and measure or see with your Hart or mA meter how much
differential pressure is created to the atmosphere with this 1/8 inch
diameter tubing. after this do the same test but with a 1/2 inch diameter.

Maybe after this you can see the real trouble

I hope this help