Which sensor to choose?


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I need a sensor that triggers from an explosion in daylight. Range from sensor to explosion would be up to 100-150 meters. I have thought about IR-sensor, LED and photo diodes.

Does anyone have some ideas?

It probably needs to be matched to optical emission characteristics of the explosion. I think you will need to take some spectral measurements and then base the selection on that.

Bruce Thompson

That would probably do it.

What about just using an acoustic sensor? Explosions usually make large noises, even in the daylight.
Or potentially a seismic probe to pick up the shock wave. What type of explosion are you trying to monitor? Some fuels put off Ultra-Violet light, so perhaps a UV detector would work.
Ok. My system is supposed to have a small margin of error. So it's best that the sensor triggers from the light.
It's not really possible to give a specific answer to a very general question. However, the more you know about the nature of what you are trying to detect, the better is the reliability of the detection means you use. Light has problems too, as if you are just looking at light amplitude then the sun can be pretty bright too (either directly, or via a reflection).

If you can look for a specific spectral light characteristic, and coordinate that with the detection of sound you will have something more reliable than either acting alone.