Will Cloud-based SCADA come?

Hi Shawn,

Does your ScadaVisor support remote control? Is there any pricing info on your website?

> Will Cloud-based SCADA come? Nowadays, Cloud Computing, SaaS is very popular in nearly all software solution.

> Will SCADA also move to Cloud? Is there any major SCADA vendor has Cloud product?

Maybe, but not many will stay there.
The "Clouds" are too unpredictable and unsecurable. Like the weather they are just plain too random. Remember the debate on the predictability of I/O updates?
I would not be real surprised to see some kind of cloud based HMI/SCADA. But I suspect the cloud will be a server farm that is onsite as opposed to on the other side of the world. The communications networks are just not stable or secure enough at present for anything else.

We already have a bunch of web based HMIs out there, both as standalone and as add ons to other packages. No reason they could not be hosted in India.

It will never be reliable or secure enough to be of serious use for direct control though. How do you calculate a negative SIL number?

The thing is does anyone really think it is appropriate for the control system software for a chemical plant to be hosted in some server farm in China or India?

The thing is that computing power is so cheap that there is no reason for the cloud other than to leverage the computing expertise of the people maintaining the servers. And for the most part, that can be done remotely, and commonly is, so where the hardware is physically located is not as much of an issue as some try to make it.

> Does your ScadaVisor support remote control? Is there any pricing info on your website?

Yes, ScadaVisor does support remote control for a few types of devices. We have built our communication and polling engine so that we can do this type of thing, especially from the mobile devices. We do not have pricing information on our site because it does vary depending on the requirements of the project. I would be happy to discuss this in more detail with you. You can find all of our contact information at http://www.fieldingsystems.com/Contact.aspx.
I have Java based SCADA PLC and a logging/remote access server. PLC connects to server using 256-bit encryption, symmetric. Remote access done via central cloud server, updates every 60 seconds. Client software used to view historical data and cache data on client machine. Also working now on the web interface.

Java PLC can be installed on a SBC, to make a field controller. It is scriptable, and support MODBUS RTU. It also stores logs localy, synchronizing with the server.


Tallak Tveide

Wrt reliability one shouldn't be too focused on the network link for all cases. I can name a few cases where you would most definitely gain reliability due to the fact that properly administrating servers is hard, and many organizations depending on scada systems are unable and/or unwilling to do so. This is mostly because of the expense in getting someone to do it, inability to hire someone with correct qualifications, or even not knowing that this is necessary

So when the server crashes, you have downtime of days and weeks. In the big picture, the impact is bigger than a missed 10 seconds of update now and then