WinCC audit csv file bulk insert to SQL DB

Hello my dear friends,

I have come across a unique requirement which demands Viewing of audit data through WinCC audit v7.5 sp2 viewer, the data source is not local system(IPC), actually local system will have only WinCC audit v7.5 sp2 viewer Runtime and SQL server.

The data will come from TP1200 comfort to network drive of IPC having WinCC audit v7.5 sp2 viewer Runtime in .csv format.

My query is it possible to insert many no. of csv files data periodically in manually created database in SQL server and can we connect that database with audit viewer to view and print by user.

One more question is even if it is possible, wouldn't be violation of 21 CFR part 11 norms.?, since originally generated audit files system is csv and we are converting it to other form of data source.

Pre clarification over viewing csv files directly from audit viewer, User want to synch and store this data to his company server for long time use.

Kindly guide me what to do.