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Chuck Piwowarski

I am trying to find a way to view a computer using Wonderware over the internet, we have PC-anywhere but have not made it work. Any Ideas??

Paul Johnson

> I am trying to find a way to view a computer using Wonderware over the internet, we have PC-anywhere but have not made it work. Any Ideas??

I haven't tried it, but I am surprised that PC Anywhere didn't work.

FS 2000 has internet capabilities - once again I haven't had use for it but here is a section from the "Help" files:

The Wonderware® FactorySuite Web Server™ (included with FactorySuite 2000 V 7.1) provides you with the capability of running your InTouch applications via a standard internet connection. You can run existing InTouch applications or you can design internet-specific applications.

In either case, HTTP is used to transfer data. You can view these applications in Microsoft® Internet Explorer™, or in WindowViewer just as if it was on a local node.
FactorySuite's internet capability allows the client to receive five data sources:

· Remote InTouch Tagnames

· Distributed Alarms

· InTouch Tagname History

· I/O Server


In order for you to run your InTouch applications via the internet, you will need:

· The Wonderware FactorySuite Web Server installed on an Internet Information Server (IIS) or a Personal Web Server (PWS).

· Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 SP1.

· WindowViewer (V 7.1 or later) installed on the client node.

· A valid WindowViewer runtime license installed on the client node.

For complete information on using the FactorySuite Web Server and running an InTouch application via the internet, refer to your FactorySuite Internet Connectivity online user’s guide.

Dittrich, Rodolfo

I use to work with wonderware (intouch an inbatch) with different version. I have them under win.NT and pc-anywhere is working ok.
I experimented some troubles to make it work, the problem was some NTservices that were wrong installed.
Never try with internet.

PC-Anywhere works over the internet but the Hosts will not be automatically displayed unless they are on the same subnet as the Client. To connect a Client to a Host on a different subnet make a new Remote Control Item and use the Host's IP address instead on it's name.

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Gary Hoskins

Depending on what you want this could be complicated. For instance:

1. Are you wanting to remote in for Viewing, Development or both?
2. What other programs are you running besides Intouch and PCAnywhere?
3. What Video Cards are you using?
4. What Monitor are you using?
5. Are you using multiple Displays?
6. What resolution are you using in your Intouch Application?
7. How is your Intouch Application configured to adjust your Resolution?
8. What is your Software Revision Levels?
9. What Revision Level is your Video Hardware and Software?
10. Do you want both Dial-up and Network (TCP/IP) connection capabilities?

The company I work for uses Remotely Possible on all of our corporate machines and Intouch definitely has conflicts with this program. I believe I heard Intouch has some known conflicts with a number of these types of remote control software.
Where you can run into problems is with the display drivers. I would definitely make good backups in case something goes wrong in your testing of the System for conflicts. You definitely do not want to hose your application.
Probably unless someone on the list just happens to have had experience with the same hardware and software you are using you will probably need assistance from the Computer Manufacturer, Video Hardware & Software
Manufacturer and your Intouch Distributor. Good luck on trying to get them to work together to solve your problem this seems to be an area where no one want to accept responsibility to solve the problem. I have had this on my to do list to resolve for over a year, hope you have more success than I have had.
I know this got lengthy but there is not a simple answer to your question. Good Luck on getting your problem solved.