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Anybody know of software compatible with the following models: R84, U84, GL60. The reason being our existing dedicated programmer has failed and I need to source a software(if avail) package that will facilitate programming requirements. All ideas appreciated.
Hello Mark, What exactly are you looking for? Some of the Yaskawa PLCs are repackaged and modified Modicon PLCs. The Memocon U84 line was very similar to a the early Chassis mount Modicon 984 (984A/B/X) class of PLC. I have some old Taylor U84 programming software that does work with the U84 processors. As far as the R84 and the GL60 I do not know anything about them. Bradley G. Hite Intertech Incorporated mailto:[email protected] http://www.myplc.com Teaching Practical Skills for a Technological World
"Taylor" programming package can be used for communicating with Yaskawa PLCs. I had used that. Last year I had seen their web page also (though I don't remember their web address). You can make a search and find out.
Bradley The R84 is a very early PLC derivative of a MODICON 484. It is impossible to buy spares for. I am upgrading existing R84's to GL60's(similar to 984's i think), as the GL60's have been freed up from other applications. I was trying to save myself a lot of programming by copying/pasting the R84 progs into the GL60-(although there are of course fundamental differences in Bit-notation etc between the 2). Hence the original question! It looks unlikely that there is software avail that is so backwardly compatible with the R84's!

Duggan, Edmond (IndSys, GEFanuc, TCP)

Taylor has gone through two mergers since I started back in 96 with them. First there was Total Control, and then GE Fanuc. Our products can be found at www.gefanuc.com now. Anyway, we haven't worked on our older PLC programming packages for a long while now. I'm not sure of their commercial status, but please call our Tech support line (780) 420-2010, or 1-800-GEFANUC and ask someone in Edmonton Support about the old Yaskawa PLC programming software. regards, Edmond Duggan, Application Consultant ___________________________________ GE Fanuc Software Phone : 780.420.2117 Fax: 780.420.2049 email: [email protected]
we are using Taylor package with memocon u84/u84s online programming software. is we can use the same software with windows nt os presently our system is in dos mode and it is using in the os.