Yokogawa Centum VP, Longterm Trend files(.LTD) accessing.

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I am an Engineer who has a hands on working experience of 6 years in the Petro-Chem process plant, for our refinery's monitoring and controlling needs we have installed the DCS of Yokogawa's Cenutm VP R4. The system itself is pretty easy to access and hence with no official class room training, and with minor hit and trials we have managed to understand the system and have been sufficing our operational needs till now.

That's it for my discrete introduction!

I am posting this thread to find answers in accessing the long term trends, based on the no. of tags incorporated in our database, the long-term trend's path (folder space) gets filled within 2 to 3 months, and when this happens, new trends start getting overwrite and the old trends start losing, so to avoid this, we have a practice of moving the trends to an external HDD, but whenever we need to access the previous trends it always becomes a big task to retrieve them from the old paths, and all of this has to be carried out within the Centum's environment.

Question#1: Is there a way to access the trends without the CENTUM environment?
Question#2: Is there a way to convert the .LTD files (stored on the "Trend" folder) into excel files?

any help in this regard will be highly appreciable!

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Maaz A. Khan