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Allied Opto 22 groov Rio | New Product Intro

December 14, 2022 by RS

Opto 22’s groov RIO is a remote Ethernet I/O for industrial internet and automation applications.

Allied Opto 22 groov Rio

The groov RIO solves two main problems with remote I/O today. First, the time-consuming process of specifying all the required components, a process that requires significant domain expertise.

Second, communicating data among the varying field devices, control systems, and cloud services is a complex, costly process requiring PLCs, programming, and middleware.

The groov RIO has a single part number that includes a built-in multifunction, multi-signal I/O; an I/O processor; power over Ethernet; and mounting without the need for a rack or chassis.

The groove RIO has built-in processing and communication with web-based configuration, flow logic software, efficient data communication methods, and multiple operations technology and information technology protocols.

To learn more about the Allied Opto 22 groov Rio, visit Allied Electronics & Automation.