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Red Lion Controls | New Product Intro

November 22, 2022 by RS

The Red Lion PM-50 allows you to easily upgrade by replacing any meter in a one-eighth or one-sixteenth DIN panel cutout using existing wiring.


Red Lion Controls

The Red Lion PM-50 series has a digital and analog platform of full color graphical input panel meters designed to increase operator productivity and expose critical plant floor data for use in project scheduling and process improvements.

Large, best-in-class 3.5 inch and 4.3 inch displays produce vibrant, user-selectable graphics that present critical operational data for immediate insights. Secondary displays provide even more data.

These meters feature on-board Wi-Fi, RS-485/MODBUS, and optional Ethernet to allow Modbus over TCP.

The PM-50 series can be easily programmed using a startup wizard, programming app, or web server.

The modular construction of the PM-50 allows for plug-in play capabilities, upgradeable firmware, and options for outputs, power, and communication.

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