Which HMIs Do You Use in Extreme Industrial Environments?

April 06, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

Pro-Face by Schneider-Electric announced its latest HMI for extreme environments.

HMIs play a critical role in modern industrial processes, but choosing the right one is essential.


The Importance of Screens

Any touchscreen device can be an HMI, but it may not be able to survive the harsh environments that industrial processes are exposed to.

For example, some industrial processes may have explosive atmospheres and therefore require components that will not generate sparks, the environment could be incredibly hot, or the environment could be very humid. 


Latest HMI Series With UV Protection

To meet the increasing challenges of everyday industrial processes, Pro-Face America, by Schneider-Electric, has announced its latest HMI series, the SP5000X eXtreme HMI. The new series is designed for use in extreme environments. 

The new HMI series is available in 7” and 12” screen sizes. They are also sunlight-readable, meaning they can be easily viewed in direct sunlight. This ensures that operators are able to read all controls and notifications without hindrance in the most dangerous scenarios.

The display also provides 99% UV protection to ensure longevity when used outdoors and is UL 50E 4X rated to prevent damage from the elements. The range of HMIs are able to operate at temperatures of -30°C to 70°C. 


hmi series

Pro-Face latest HMI series, the SP5000X eXtreme HMI. Image used courtesy of Pro-face. 


All HMIs are programmable using the Pro-Face HMI Screen Editor and Logic Programming Software which allows for the easy creation of HMIs using a GUI.

The software includes a wide range of elements including buttons, sliders, dials, and graphics to represent data from external industrial processes.


Designed for Wide Range of Environments

The range of HMIs is designed for a wide range of harsh environments including construction equipment, parking lots, gas stations, oil, and gas industry, and includes a J1939 connector for use with engine control units, agriculture machines, and construction machines.

Choosing the right HMI is critical with harsh environments being the most difficult to work with. The new series is readable in direct sunlight, has UV protection, and can work in the oil and gas industry. 


What kind of features do you look for in an HMI when working in harsh industrial environments?