Aim‌ ‌Robotics‌ ‌Partners‌ ‌with‌ ‌Kassow‌ ‌Robots ‌to‌ Utilize ‌Cobot‌s for Automated Dispensing Applications

October 28, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

Aim Robotics and Kassow Robots are working together to create a product line of cobots with fully integrated automated dispensing systems.

Aim Robotics specializes in innovative, electronically-controlled automated material dispensing systems engineered to be seamlessly integrated with cobots (collaborative robots). 

Aim Robotics has already developed the “world’s first” air-less robotic cartridge dispenser. Their partnership with Kassow Robots, a manufacturer of collaborative robots for SMEs, will result in an automated material dispensing cobot system. Kassow introduced a powerful family of cobots just last year. 


Improvements Needed for Automated Dispensing Systems

Several applications could benefit from a comprehensive automated dispensing cobot. Kassow designed their cobots to have a wide reach, execute extremely complex paths, and have accurate positioning using 7-axis systems.



A new partnership will combine cobots from Kassow Robots with material dispensing systems from Aim Robotics. Image used courtesy of Aim Robotics


On the dispensing side, actuators and dispensing systems are needed that will not compromise the dosing quality and solutions with an excellent ROI that are a more sustainable solution, such as their airless dispensers. These are the types of problems that Aim Robotics and Kassow Robots seek to address by working together.


Aim Robotics and Kassow Robots Partnership

Kassow Robots brings their 7-axis cobots to the partnership. These cobots are designed to make automated dispensing tasks much easier. This is due to a high-reach of 1.8 m and the addition of a 7th axis. Aim Robotics will be integrating four of their patent-pending electronically controlled units, such as the FD series steady flow dispensing system and newly developed software to Kassow’s 7-axis cobots.



Aim Robotics has developed an electronically controlled media dispensing system for which patents are pending. Image used courtesy of Aim Robotics

Their goal is to manufacture highly repeatable, electronically controlled dispensing cobots. The result will hopefully be enhanced quality control, significant reduction of waste and rework, and elimination of compressor maintenance--all of which combined will also lead to reduced costs.


Aim Robotics and the Kassow Ecosystem

As part of the Kassow ecosystem, Aim Robotics material dispensers will be fully integrated into Kassow cobots, allowing end-users to reap the benefits of both companies. 

Because both Aim and Kassow are committed to ease of use and simplicity of setup, end users will also be assured that these characteristics continue when both products are combined. 



One of Kassow's new cobots. Image used courtesy of Kassow Robots 


The motor for this new cobot is “Plug and Produce.” Finally, as a part of the Kassow ecosystem, each company hopes to deliver excellent quality to these systems.  

Automated dispensing systems have a wide range of applications in industrial automation. They are already used for tasks such as sealant bead application, potting, lubrication, greasing, flux application, edge sealing, and applying adhesives. Automation of tasks such as these and more can hopefully be improved through automation solutions resulting from the partnership between Aim Robotics and Kassow Robots.