AutoGuide Launches 15,000-Pound Payload Autonomous Mobile Robot Tugger

March 12, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Robotics solutions company, AutoGuide, just launched its highest payload autonomous mobile robot tugger, the company revealed this week.

The new Max-N15 has a 15,000-pound towing capacity and comes with a common base that can be adapted for several and varied manufacturing and warehouse material handling tasks.

Some of the modular attachments designed to this purpose allow for uses in lift trucks, tuggers or high bay pallet lift trucks.


mobile robot tugger from auto guide

The Max-N15 Mobile Robot Tugger. Image courtesy of AutoGuide.


Who is AutoGuide?

The company specializes in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and is known for developing machines with module designs and innovative features.

AutoGuide started operating in the late 1990s and has since developed and manufactured several high-payload industrial AMRs capable of assembly, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution tasks across multiple industries.

With a mobile robot R&D center located in Chelmsford and a manufacturing facility in Georgetown, the company is well placed to tap into the US industrial automation market.

According to its website, AutoGuide has currently installed more than 200 tugger vehicles in companies across different industries. 

With its 10,000 pounds towing capacity and advanced fleet management software, the Max-N10 has been for a while the company’s flagship mobile robot tugger. AutoGuide is now improving that with the new Max-N15.


autoguide robot

The Max-N10 Mobile Robot Tugger. Image courtesy of AutoGuide.


The Max-N15 Mobile Robot Tugger

The new robot from AutoGuide combines a drive motor with a sensor, steering safety, and communication features.

Combined with the aforementioned series of modular attachments, the Max-N15 is designed to offer the most economical capital efficiencies for customers.

“We manufacture our robots from the ground up,” explained Rob Sullivan, President & CEO, AutoGuide Mobile Robots.

Sullivan also mentioned that these moile robots are specifically designed to be an AMR from the first piece of technology to the final screw. This allows customers to have a breezy experience when learning how to use the mobile robot.

The Max-N15 technical sheet is not yet available on the company’s website, but AutoGuide said it will showcase the new robot tugger, together with its other mobile robots and SurePath fleet management software at the supply chain, manufacturing and distribution industry show MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, from March 9 to 12. 


High-Payload AMRs

There are several reasons why autonomous mobile robots need to be able to lift heavier and heavier weights today.

Heavy-loads robots were initially created to prevent people from getting injured following heavy-lifting accidents, which are still quite frequent in certain industries.

However, as robots’ load capabilities have increased, it has become clear they could perform tasks humans could never execute individually.

For example, high-payload AMRs are used in the automotive industry to lift heavy car parts, which in the past required multiple workers to lift.

In the packaging industry, the automated transportation of several heavy pallets at once can save companies a lot of time, while also preventing people from doing repetitive and wearing jobs.



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