Banner Engineering Debuts New ABR Barcode Reader for Long-Range Industrial Applications

February 01, 2021 by Robin Mitchell

Banner Engineering released the latest ABR range of automatic barcode readers. What advantages do barcode readers provide, and what does the new range include?

Challenges and Advantages of Barcode Readers

Barcode readers can provide a wide range of different advantages to any industrial process. From automatic product identification to aiding automated systems, barcodes have become an essential ID method.

While barcode systems have come leaps and bounds since their humble origins, they are subject to numerous issues that can cause delays in production lines or errors when sorting items. 


Banner Engineering Releases New ABR Barcode Reader

Banner Engineering recently released two new barcode readers for industrial applications, the ABR72L16-WSE2, and ABR72L9-RDE2. Both readers perform automatic barcode reading and communicate using the same protocols, which include Ethernet and serial. 

All ABR range readers integrate a 2MP sensor that provides a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. 


Video courtesy of Banner Engineering


Other readers in the range provide polarization to remove reflections from shiny surfaces. A 2MP image sensor allows for reading more complex barcodes and reading from a different range.

This allows for the reader to be physically further away from the barcode is read, and thus opens more opportunity to providing isolation.

The range of barcode readers integrated high-brightness LEDs for providing illumination. The LED light color is optional to allow for reading a wide range of different materials. The L16 model of the ABR range integrates a 16mm lens, while the L9 integrates a 9mm lens, which provides various fields of view. 

Both barcode readers can read 1D and 2D barcodes, read images in greyscale, and integrate autofocusing to remove the need for manual adjustments. Users can construct both readers from aluminum. The barcode readers are also IP67 rated and use Euro-style M12 connectors for communication. 

Users can also configure multiple barcode scanners using Banner Engineering’s free software program, Barcode Manager.

The software allows for flowchart-based programming, option configuration, and advanced options for fine-tuning, which simplifies the installation stage and speeds up implementation.


Banner Engineering ABR Reader Applications

The new range of ABR barcode readers have applications in all areas of engineering. The readers are suited for the automatic organization of parts on a production line with different bar codes. 


The new ABR barcode scanner. Image courtesy of Banner Engineering. 


The ABR barcode range is also designed for work-in-progress tracking, whereby different workpieces with varying degrees of completion can be automatically organized. 

One area that may benefit from the new ABR range of barcode readers is safe isolation and COVID-19. The use of a larger sensor allows for an increased reading distance of barcodes.

An automated production line can provide a larger isolation distance between automated systems dealing with potentially contaminated samples, and those that are reporting data. 

The use of such barcode readers can help to automate production processes and thereby reduce the number of employees needed on sight.