Baumer Introduces Industrial-grade Programmable Smart Cameras for AI Applications

July 21, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

The Baumer AX series of industrial-grade smart cameras are designed to provide a programmable image processing platform that can be integrated into AI applications.

Baumer, known globally for sensors and automated image processing solutions, just announced the release of the AX series of smart cameras. These cameras have been engineered to address some of the most common challenges with automated industrial image processing.


Automated Image Processing

Numerous industries depend on automated image processing but face serious challenges when implementing them. For example, there can be problems finding space for the system: the camera may be extremely compact, but the computer performing the actual processing is not.

In addition, various components may be necessary to complete the system. 

Software developers may find it difficult to program the system, including new code and the reuse of existing libraries and APIs.


Baumer AX Series Cameras

The Baumer AX series of smart cameras are an image processing platform that combines image acquisition and processing in a single component. As a self-contained automated image processing platform, there is no need for a separate computer and the associated cables, which can significantly reduce the physical footprint of this system. 


baumer components

The Baumer AX Smart Camera product line offers an automated image processing system in a single, compact package. Image used courtesy of Baumer


Because the system is Linux-based, it is freely programmable and allows different image processing libraries and APIs to be used. High-end industry cameras with integrated Sony CMOS sensors can capture these images for evaluation.

The NVIDIA Jetson Nano (or Xavier NX modules, depending on which option is chosen) includes graphics processors and AI cores for fast artificially intelligent image processing. While designed specifically for edge computing in an industrial automation setting, they have many applications outside of industry.


Key Features of the Baumer AX Smart Cameras

While not the first smart camera of its kind (preceded by solutions such as the Cognex In-Sight D900 or the Matrox Iris GTX), this product line from Baumer does offer unique features and options.

The Baumer AX smart cameras are contained within a 70x70x120 mm Aluminum housing with a C mount but are also available with options that can provide IP-rated protection (IP 54/65/67).

They include an integrated illumination controller with brightness control, can provide auto white balance and auto exposure, and offer short exposure times from 1 µs. 

The AX smart cameras are also are GenICam-compatible, support M12 Ethernet and RS232 connections, and include slots for SD cards, USB, and HDMI. They also provide four power outputs with a maximum of 120 W.


The AX camera series. Image used courtesy of Baumer 


There are currently two models available: one with an NVIDIA Jetson Nano module and another with the NVIDIA Xavier NX. The Xavier has a slightly larger resolution (2448 × 2048 compared to 2048 × 1536) and a difference in full frames (77 fps vs 55 fps). 

The NVIDIA Jetson Nano has a 1/1.8” CMOS IMX265 sensor and the Xavier NX has 2/3” CMOS IMX250 sensor.

Various industries can benefit from the features provided by the Baumer AX Smart Cameras, such as electronics, retail, food and beverage, sports, and logistics. Specific applications include motion capture and analysis, classification of fruits by size, detailed inspection of products, and pick and place processes. These smart cameras are available for purchase now from Baumer.