Bebco’s New TAC and THP Smart Units for Industrial Environments

March 04, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

This week Bebco, a producer of air conditioning and heat pump units, announced its latest product range, designed to operate in corrosive industrial environments.

Why is there an immediate need for these units, and what features do these new systems have?


A Need for Industrial Smart Cool and Pump Units

The majority of industrial environments use standard off-the-shelf air conditioners and heat pumps for controlling the ambient temperature but some industrial environments require more unique tools.

Even industrial spaces need some form of environmental control which is why specialized air conditioners and heat pumps are required.


Bebco TAC and THP Systems With Wide Range of Units

This week, Bebco, announced their latest line of air conditioner and heat pump products, the TAC and THP Smart Cool and Smart Pump for use in industrial environments.

These devices are not only able to operate in explosive environments but are also ideal for highly corrosive environments dealing with commonly found corrosives including H2S and SO2. The range of units are rated for Class 1, Division 2, Group B, C, and D which includes areas that will not typically experience flammable conditions but can do so sporadically. 

The range of units are able to provide a BTU range of 9,000 to 28,000 and are available in through-wall or window mount configurations to help meet most demands. The units are capable of operating on either 50Hz or 60Hz mains supplies on 208 VAC and 230 VAC lines.

The units feature two separate sections that keep the evaporator and condenser separate. The condenser is exposed to the hazardous environment whereas the evaporator is not and housed with the blower wheel and electronic components.


industrial hvac system

 Industrial cooling system shown in a plant factory. 


The units are also provided with a 6-foot cable rated for hazardous locations making it easier to get power to the units safely.

Since the maintenance and servicing of an air conditioner are critical to its proper operation, the TAC and THP range of units include a refrigerant service port that allows the refrigerants to be changed, checked, and replaced if needed. 


Built With Modern Smart Control

The TAC and THP units also integrate modern smart control systems that both control the environment as well as perform self-monitoring checks.

For example, the Advanced Refrigerant System includes a PLC that monitors low- and high-pressure switches which will disengage the compressor motor if either of these switches are triggered. This prevents damage to the system and upon detecting a fault an alarm is raised indicating that it requires maintenance.

Other features incorporated into the TAC and THP include electrical systems which protect the units from motor thermal overloads, automated reset systems, and power disconnection under faulty conditions.


Bebco Smart Units

Bebco TAC and THP smart cool and pump units. Image used courtesy of Bebco Environmental Controls Corporation.


For those who want more safety, the units also come with optional accessories including gas detection that can detect the presence of explosive gas and sound external alarms if needed.

The TAC and THP units are designed for industrial applications including control rooms, guard stations, laboratories, analyzer houses, and other industrial facilities.

The ease of mounting thanks to their small profile makes them a quick addition to any industrial process and the ability to operate in explosive and corrosive environments allows engineers to rest easy when integrating a Bebco system. 


Do you have a need for industrial smart cooling and pump units?