Comau Designs Mobile Cobot, Sees Use in Projects Across European Union

April 12, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

Comau has created a mobile cobot arm to help manufacturers implement the benefits of both collaborative and autonomous robots in a single mobile platform. The solution has been implemented in several projects across Europe.

Comau, a leader in advanced industrial automation products and systems, has designed a robotics solution in the form of a combination collaborative mobile robot lineup. The robots are currently seeing use in three different European manufacturing processes.


Comau's collaborative mobile robotic solution: a "mobile cobot." Image used courtesy of Comau


A Solution for a Growing Market

Collaborative and mobile robots continue to grow in their total market share of industrial robotic systems. According to Comau's internal analysis of available market data, collaborative robots comprise a market share of over 13%, and automated mobile robots are expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 15% between 2022 and 2027. Comau looks to integrate collaborative robotics into a very mobile manufacturing process in response to the growing market. 

Comau has taken steps to make the solution available to a wide range of industries, and a modular approach ensures it applies to many different applications without expensive plant infrastructure changes. The new solution hopes to provide end users with a product that combines collaborative safety with industrial performance and autonomous mobility wherever needed.


Comau's 6-axis, high-payload Racer-5 COBOT operates on top of Comau's Agile 1500. Image used courtesy of Comau


Application of a New Robotic System

Comau has extensive experience in IoT-enabled technologies and collaborative robotics, giving them a unique perspective from which to build a collaborative mobile robotic system. The system is scalable and modular, making it suitable for many different tasks and processes with the application of its modular, mobile design.

The new design combines Comau's high-payload Racer-5 COBOT, a 6-axis articulated robotic arm, and their Agile1500 autonomous mobile vehicle. The design has been made with Industry 4.0 in mind and can be used seamlessly in conjunction with existing Industry 4.0 infrastructure. The machine can work effortlessly with human labor or without any intervention. The system can operate at higher speeds whenever it is a safe distance away from human workers, and the robotic arm can achieve industrial robot speeds of up to 6 m/s when out of harm's way.

The solution is compatible with Comau's digital infrastructure and fits seamlessly into existing plant digital infrastructure. This helps to reduce integration costs and increase efficiency throughout the manufacturing plant. Two batteries are in the robot, one that powers the robotic arm and one that powers the automated guided vehicle portion. A standard Comau controller can control the robot with different navigation modes available depending on the application. The arm is available with digital vision feedback for a multitude of pick-and-place applications.


Comau's mobile robot solution is being used in various applications across the European Union

The mobile cobot solution is being used in various applications across Europe. Image used courtesy of Comau


European Projects

Comau's mobile collaborative robotic solution is currently in use in at least three different processes in Europe. They take shape as a powerful mobile robotics platform designed to fit each process individually.

PeneloPe is using the system for glue dispensing and quality control for the public transport system.

The platform is also present in ODIN and is used to prove the technical and performance feasibility of collaborative robotics on the factory floor. ODIN is currently using it to manipulate parts on the factory floor for automobile production.

Lastly, DIMOFAC, an EU initiative used to help companies in the process of smart factory implementation, has used the platform for pick-and-place style robotics in machine-tending applications.