Digi-Key Launches New Marketplace Initiative For Industrial Automation Technologies

August 20, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Digi-Key Electronics launched a marketplace initiative to give customers access to its entire selection of products.

The Digi-Key Marketplace will sell a variety of electronic components, including bare PCB boards, industrial automation, test and measurement, IoT solutions, and more.

The new Marketplace offerings are already available in the U.S., and regional global launches are scheduled for the coming months.


The Digi-Key Marketplace Initiative

Even before the launch of its new marketplace, Digi-Key Electronics has been providing the industry with more than 11 million board-level components, from a wide variety of over 1,300 manufacturers.

Now, the company's portfolio has been further expanded with 300,000 additional products. Components that are available on The Digi-Key Marketplace Initiative are marked with a "Marketplace Product" label on the company's website and shipped between one and five days.


The Digi-Key Marketplace logo. Image courtesy of Digi-Key.


The company has also taken precautions to specify when products can not be available in this timeframe and have added related notes to individual products on the site. All suppliers that have been added to the Marketplace are fully vetted, quality technology partners in the electronics industry.


Featuring Manufacturing Leaders

Some of the featured manufacturers on the Digi-Key Marketplace include Emerson, Schunk, Omron, SICK Sensors, and others. For context, these are industry giants with decades of experience in the manufacturing of electronics.

Emerson, for example, was founded in 1890 and has since acquired a total of 47 companies. The firm recently released the first ultrasonic generators with advanced controls.


A list of a few featured manufacturers in the automation and control section. Screenshot courtesy of Digi-Key.   


SCHUNK, on the other hand, is a global leader in the production of clamping technology and gripping systems. The company's latest products include a line of grippers for medical applications.

Finally, SICK specializes in sensors and sensor solutions for industrial automation applications. The company has announced an update to its AppSpace last month, promising to make machine vision far easier to implement for manufacturers.


Supporting Global Manufacturing

According to Jim Ricciardelli, executive vice president of digital business for Digi-Key, the new marketplace will give engineers and innovators across the U.S. access to more product lines than ever before.

"As Digi-Key continues to evolve and respond to the industry's changing needs and demands," Ricciardelli commented in a press release, "we are excited to expand into more and more adjacent product categories available with a full-service, one-stop shopping experience to serve the entire ecosystem of technology innovation."

Furthermore, clarity regarding shipping times will contribute to helping the Digi-Key Marketplace Initiative become an indispensable ecosystem for the electronics industry as a whole. 

"This is a significant win-win for both current and new customers," explained senior director of market development for Digi-Key Missy Hall.

According to Hall, despite the speed of delivery might be different from core products, the company has taken great care to clarify expectations clearly on the website.

"And the ability to provide more solutions for the technology innovators that we serve streamlines their time-to-market through this singular shopping experience," she concluded.


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