Emerson Releases First Ever New Ultrasonic Generators with Advanced Controls

August 13, 2020 by Ben Stepanian

Recently, Emerson released its new Branson GCX Series generator, which includes efficient system control and intuitive HMI.

Ultrasonic cleansing has been an effective solution for cleaning parts or equipment in many fields, such as the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries. Products ranging from contact lenses to industrial parts with deposits can be cleaned using ultrasonic frequencies.

Data management in the HMI system will enable safer and more efficient usage of ultrasonic cleaning systems, thus rendering cleaner parts. 


Branson GCX Ultrasonic Generator Series

Ultrasonic Generators like the GCX series deliver powered frequency from 25 kHz to 170 kHz to ultrasonic transducers, which propagate this frequency into a medium. The new Branson GCX Series allows the user to control cavitational intensity in the medium from 20% to 100%. The generator can perform sweep frequencies to help control cavitation and eliminate standing waves as well. The sweep function can be controlled from 1% up to 100%. 


The new Branson GCX Series ultrasonic cleaning generators precisely control the delivery of energy for precision cleaning systems. Image courtesy of Emerson


The GCX series now includes safety features that protect against circuit problems, overload, and over-temperature. Automatic tuning of the propagated frequency allows you to optimize the cleaning process around your application. The generator is FCC, and CSA approved and weighs 30lbs. The generator may operate on 110V or 220V circuits and includes Element configurations such as 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 and, 48. The output frequencies that the GCX series provides includes 25, 40, 80, 120, or 170 kHz. The average output power of the generator is 40 watts per element. 

“The GCX Series continues the superior performance and durability of the S8000 Series, while its new and more powerful controls, HMI and communications capabilities give users a far greater level of precision, control and information about the ultrasonic cleaning process,” said Nitin Phadnis, director of precision cleaning products for Emerson. “The GCX Series replaces the entire S8000 Series of more than 60 models, simplifying product selection while offering a new degree of user-friendly performance for ultrasonic cleaning operations.” 


HMI Touch Screen Replacing Traditional Analog Controls 

The GCX series is 15% smaller than the previous S8000 series and includes a new 5 inch HMI color touchscreen interface that replaces traditional analog-style controls. This interface supports multiple languages like English, Chinese, and Japanese.

The generator continuously monitors power draw statistics that could affect the output of the system. This data analysis feature simplifies the monitoring and troubleshooting within the system. The GCX generator now includes an alarm display to help the operator diagnose any issues faster than before. The GCX series is capable of communicating with RS-485, which allows for secure data transfer for cleaning processes to PLCs, servers, or PCs for data analysis.

These generators can work with stand-alone cleaning tanks and are also able to integrate into other Branson cleaning systems, B series degreasers, or PLC controls common to OMNI. This generator series stands out from its predecessors by meeting the standards for the new industrial age.

Intuitive control and the use of automation will improve the processes that these systems participate in. Data collection within this type of method will help improve upon current and pending future models.