HEIDENHAIN Introduces a New Version of its StateMonitor Software Platform to Promote Manufacturing Efficiency

December 14, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

What are some key features and updates to their software platform, and how could engineers utilize it on the factory floor?

Control equipment manufacturer HEIDENHAIN has recently updated its StateMonitor software platform to Version 1.4.0. The upgraded version introduces a number of features aimed at enabling businesses to boost manufacturing efficiency.


An overview of the new StateMonitor Platform version. Image used courtesy of HEIDENHAIN


Motion Control Solutions

First established in 1965, HEIDENHAIN is a known manufacturer of precision measurement and control equipment.

The company’s technology is utilized in high-precision motors, motion control, and machining systems worldwide. HEIDENHAIN serves the semiconductor one, metalworking, machine tool, and electronics, together with motor/drive, general automation, and medical, among others.

HEIDENHAIN is a member of numerous associations focusing on automation and control equipment, including SEMI, SME, and NTMA. The company also owns several subsidiaries specializing in particular motion control technologies. Some of these are ETEL, RENCO, and LTN.


The StateMonitor Platform

HEIDENHAIN first released its StateMonitor Platform in 2019 to provide manufacturers with the ability to digitally evaluate and connect machine tool data on company networks as part of their industry 4.0 initiatives.


Video used courtesy of HEIDENHAIN


Compatible with most of HEIDENHAIN’s terminal node controllers (TNC), the program has evolved in the last few years to introduce support with various connected devices, including computer numerically controlled (CNC) systems different brands, and also comes with PCs and web-based mobile devices.

The StateMonitor software aims to solve several problems traditionally related to connected machine tools, such as avoiding unnecessary idle time and bottlenecks and optimizing machine utilization and machine availability.

Moreover, StateMonitor provides additional transparency into operational processes via machine data acquisition (MDA) and intelligent data analysis. The tool also comes with messaging and evaluation functions to reveal the hidden potential within companies’ production pipelines and consequently boost their efficiency.


Upgrades to the Software

Now, the V1.4.0 of StateMonitor introduces a renewed interface with clear-cut charts and graphs, a countdown view for any programs running. It can also monitor tools within a connected machine.

The latter feature allows users to collect current tool usage data and avoid unnecessary costs linked to premature tool replacement. Users can now monitor signals on the Machine Status page and String Signal data and customizable machine status by adding additional ones and changing when the machine is productive.

HEIDENHAIN has also unveiled new licensing options. These options enable companies to purchase a single machine license and add to the more common five-machine license (StateMonitor Option 1) later as necessary.

The basic option already comprises the ‘OPC UA Interface’ so machines with 3rd-party CNCs can be connected without the need for additional licenses.

The new licensing option also contains additional StateMonitor Software Maintenance and Support from HEIDENHAIN, which enables customers to easily upgrade the software each time a new release is available. What do you think about the new version of StateMonitor? Let us know in the comments.