Hirebotics Creates Welding Robots Programmable with a Smartphone App

July 02, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Hirerobotics provides industrial engineers with the new cloud-connected Cobot Welder, which can help boost productivity through a cutting-edge software platform, Beacon.

The idea of hiring robots was founded upon the same concept of hiring human workers. U.S. company, Hirerobotics, specializes in the provision of cloud-connected robots. The company allows manufacturers to hire these cobots for an hourly rate. No upfront costs are involved, and there is no need to schedule an employee or pay for potential poor productivity.

Recently, Hirerobotics released its new Cobot Welder, powered by Beacon, its cobot welding system. 


The Beacon Smartphone App

Hirerobotics Beacon platform provides users with cloud-based software tools for maximizing uptime. The cutting-edge software solution is now available for CB-Series and e-Series Universal Robots. Beacon provides users with greater visibility concerning the proper running of applications and any issues linked with maintaining steady production. 

Customers can collect custom events from cobot applications and display them in informative charts in real-time. These can be viewed from the web or via the mobile app. Beacon users can monitor different aspects of their cobots in real-time and access input/output (I/O), log files, and program variables. 


phone app

The Beacon software app and its interface on a smartphone. Image used courtesy of Hirebotics 


The Beacon App can also set up custom alerts and notifications and follow trends over time. Customers can set up push notifications for a protective stop or emergency stop, as well as for when a cobot turns on or off. Beacon provides full browser support to provide a bird’s-eye view of applications straight from the desktop. Beacon backs up critical files and stores them securely in the cloud, and provides end-to-end security. 


The New Cobot Welder

Hirerobotics’ new Cobot Welder is powered by Beacon and, through the software’s role-based access, allows users to decide who can operate the Cobot Welder and who can teach parts. Through the Beacon platform, the cobot welder can be taught faster. 


cobot welder

Hirerobotics’ new Cobot Welder in action. Image used courtesy of Hirerobotics


This can reduce downtime and increase productivity, especially when automating the welding of smaller batches. Customers can also retrieve precise cycle time and consumable requirements to help make more profitable decisions for specified projects. 


No Robot Programming Skills Required

In a recent news release, Co-Founder and CEO Rob Goldiez commented, “The Cobot Welder is a major leap forward in easy-to-use welding automation that combines industrial-grade robot welding functionality with consumer-level ease-of-use and a phenomenal price point.”

In the same news release, Director of Business Development at Hirebotics, Mitch Dupon, said, “With Cobot Welder, Hirebotics has managed to eliminate the pain points from robot welding system deployments. At the heart of the system is our Cobot Welder smartphone app, which turns welders into robot programmers in a matter of minutes, no pendant required.” To find out more about Hirerobotics Cobot Welder, you can visit their website.