Epson Updates SCARA Robot Lineup

February 10, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

Epson combines user-friendly software programming with its latest SCARA robots.

Epson T-series SCARA 

Epson is dedicated to creating sustainability and enriching communities. Its robot division provides robots that run on a PC-based platform. Epson recently released two new robots to their SCARA lineup. The T6-B and T3-B are “all-in-one” SCARA robotic systems. Epson hopes to provide robots that are easy to install and program.


Epson T3-B SCARA robot. Image used courtesy of Epson


The T6-B and the T3-B are the same type of robot in different size classes. The T6-B is the larger of the two, with a reach of 600 mm and a payload of up to 6 kg. The T3-B is the smaller robot, with a 400 mm reach and a payload of up to 3 kg. Epson claims that both robots are easily integrable into current plant processes, and can often save customers time and money for SCARA integration. The T6-B and T3-B are available for $9,495 and $7,495, respectively. 

The robots install in minutes since they do not use a slide-based system like comparable robotic systems. Space constraint issues are greatly reduced due to the robots' capability to run on 110 V or 220 V power. End of arm tool (EoaT) power can be supplied by the robot, helping reduce the amount of cable and plumbing routed on the robot. 


RC+ and RC+ Express Software

Epson offers two software options for programming the T6-B and the T3-B. Epson RC+ is a more advanced programming method offering users a comprehensive suite of advanced tools and features. The environment is completely integrated with higher system efficiency. 


The RC+ Express software package includes common application templates. Image used courtesy of Epson


Epson recently developed the Epson RC+ Express for less experienced programmers and users new to the robotics scene. The Epson RC+ Express is a no-code programming method capable of automating simple applications. Its visual interface is user-friendly and lowers the entry barrier for first-time robot programmers. 


Epson T-Series Applications

The T-Series SCARA robots are useful in many applications—from packaging, pick and place, dispensing, to inspection. The robots arrive with the same software systems found on Epson’s larger high-end robotic systems, giving users good value for their investment. Epson aims to provide good value with good reliability and powerful robotic features.


Epson T6-B SCARA robot. Image used courtesy of Epson


Several industries may find these new SCARA robotic systems helpful, including the following.

  • Automotive
  • Medical development 
  • Lab automation
  • Consumer electronics
  • Electronic components 
  • Industrial 


Epson says the robots will be available for purchase and integration starting mid-March 2022. They can be bought through one of Epson's distribution partners. As the demand for robots rises, Epson hopes to do its part by offering a SCARA system with various programming methods for ease of use and higher efficiency.