Epson Robots Releases New, Improved GX SCARA Series

June 02, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

The newest models of the popular Epson Robots' SCARA catalog include the GX4 and GX8, with larger motors and enhanced vibration damping for high-speed, high-payload operations.


As the new SCARA flagship (the acronym meaning ‘selective compliance articulated robotic arm’), the GX-Series robot hopes to provide a high power density robot with superior features. The GX-Series SCARA offers customers a high performance robotic system with a higher output than predecessor G-series models. This new SCARA series comes in two models, the GX4 and the GX8. The GX4 is the smaller of the two models. A quick overview of each of the robot model specifications is provided.


• 4 kg max payload

• 250, 300, 350 mm reach

• 0.33 sec cycle time

• 0.008 mm repeatability

• Clean, ESD, UL, Multiple Mount, Bottom Cable Exit, Curved L or R hand


• 8 kg max payload

• 450 -650mm reach

• From 0.28 cycle time

• 0.16 kg*m2 J4 allowable moment of inertia

• 0.015 mm repeatability

• Clean, ESD, IP65 Protected, UL, Wall, Ceiling, Long Z, Bottom Cable Exit

Epson has upscaled the motors from their G-Series SCARAs by 30% to create the GX-Series. The result is a SCARA with a higher density of power packed inside the same footprint provided by the earlier G-Series SCARA. The added power makes the GX-Series faster than any other Epson model, with higher acceleration rates. Boost Mode can be used on the SCARA to further increase the top-end speed of the robot for certain high speed applications.


Epson's new GX4

Epson’s new GX4 SCARA robot. Image used courtesy of Epson


With the addition of higher speeds, Epson has also further developed the GX-Series with vibration damping technology. In order to better sense the vibration felt from higher top speeds, they have added an inertia sensor to the servo loop directly. With a direct link to the servo motors, the sensor is able to more efficiently dampen excess vibration. The GX8 is ESD and IP65 compliant to better protect it from harsh environments.

Epson designed the new GX series with flexibility in mind. The system comes customizable to many different configurations in order to maximize flexibility and performance. It can be ordered as a table-top only option that has different mounting options for cleaner installation in certain situations. The connections are routed to the base of the robot and out the bottom of the base. This allows for cleaner cable management where the cables can be run directly through the mounting table.

The GX8 has the option for longer Z-Axis range. The option increases the SCARA’s range from 200mm to 330mm. There is a LAN port available that accepts an RJ45 connection in order to simplify the addition of vision or other sensing capabilities. The motor encoders do not need batteries, which leads to savings in downtime and maintenance costs that normally occur with robots that have batteries for their motor encoders.


Epson's new GX8

Epson’s new GX8 SCARA robot. Image used courtesy of Epson


The new Epson GX-Series has been designed to take the top spot of Epson’s SCARA robotic lineup. The system offers better performance than G, LS-B, and T-B series robots. It has been designed to fit into:

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Lab Automation
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electronic Components
  • Industrial Applications.

With the addition of the Epson RC+® development software, the company’s robots are designed with simplified, easy to use interfaces.

Epson Robots Brand

Epson is a global technology leader, with a goal of continuous improvement to remain competitive in the ever-changing technology market. Through their processes, they hope to develop environmental technology to reduce their impact on the environment. This latest release adds to the popular SCARA robotic system. Dubbed the GX-Series SCARA, the new robotic series is the most advanced in the Epson SCARA lineup.

Epson will debut this new technology at the Automate 2022 trade show in Detroit MI, June 6-9. The Epson exhibition will be at booth #2018.