icotek’s Latest Industrial Connectors Built for DIN Rail Mounting

April 13, 2021 by Robin Mitchell

icotek recently announced a new range of specialized EMC Shield clamps designed for industrial DIN rail applications.

Who is icotek? 

icotek has operated in the cable industry for over 20 years. From the development of cable entry systems to cable organization, icotek sells its products to over 60 countries.


With its headquarters in Germany, icotek also has offices in various countries, including the US, UK, Spain, UAE, and Japan. Image used courtesy of icotek


Their latest range of cable clamps aims to provide EMC shielding using the principle of Faraday cages. The cable clamps are built using mild steel with outer zinc plating. 


icotek Announces New DIN Rail Clamps 

A screw system clamps the cables, allowing for a wide range of cable sizes to work with the clamps. The new clamps come in various sizes to work with a wide range of different cable styles, with supported cable sizes being 6mm to 50mm.


Video used courtesy of icotek


The new clamps conform to both RoHS and REACH regulations. The clamps can also be used in conjunction with other icotek products for additional protection capabilities. For example, the LFC range of clamps provides strain relief for cables that conforms to PROFINET and EN 62444 requirements.


Clamps May Work Best in Hazardous Environments

The new range of clamps is most suitable for industrial use due to their conformance with EN 62444 and PROFINET specifications. The ability to hold cables in place, along with their vibration resistance, makes the clamps applicable for vigorous vibration and shock.


The latest EMC Shield Clamps. Image used courtesy of icotek


The strain relief capabilities may also help engineers in applications that deal with large and heavy cables. For example, power distribution for motor and inductor setups can take advantage of the security provided by the clamps. EMI shielding also allows for EMI generated by voltage spikes in motors and power supplies to be directed towards ground.

The EMI capabilities of the new cables also work for PLC applications. Many PLCs have sensors and other low-voltage electronic equipment attached to them. Since EMI can have adverse effects on the system's function (i.e., producing false signals or causing processor resets), the EMI shielding can prevent cross-talk between adjacent cables in the same housing. A common grounding point among all cables may also help keep all ground references at the same potential, which is essential for analog applications.

icotek and other companies specializing in cables and clamping technology are continually searching for solutions for their DIN rail applications.