Latest 3-Phase AC-DC Power Supplies from Absopulse Designed for Industrial Applications

February 02, 2021 by Robin Mitchell

Absopulse recently announced its latest AC-DC 5kW power converter for rugged environments.

Overview of Absopulse Electronics

Absopulse was established in 1982 to meet the need for a non-standard power supply and develop power supply solutions for various industrial applications. Absopulse aims to consider all factors when designing and controlling a power unit. 

They include surge and transient protection, thermal management, a large head-room, and mechanical construction.


Absopulse’s Latest AC-DC Power Supply Unit

Absopulse announced its latest power supply unit, the PFH 5K-A3P/XX-3U7. This unit provides designers with a 5kW AC-DC converter. The PSU operates from 3-phase power with voltage ranges from 197VAC to 264VAC per phase. It can handle input currents of 18Arms per phase and up to 400VAC per phase supported via different PSU series. 


The latest AC-DC power supply unit, PFH 5K-A3P/XX-3U7. Image courtesy of Absopulse. 


The 5K-A3P/XX-3U7 provides a wide voltage output range from 24VDC to 400VDC, 5000W of continuous power output, and 1% Line/Load regulation. 

The PSU’s efficiency starts at 84% minimum at full load, and the maximum efficiency depends on usage configuration. 

Active power factor correction (APFC) means that the unit can achieve a power factor greater than 0.97 at full load, meaning power losses resulting from capacitive and inductive loads are minimized. Furthermore, the unit complies with EN61000-3-2 and EN61000‐3‐12 to minimize harmonic distortion, and the internal switching regulators operate at frequencies of 80kHz for the input stage and 55kHz for the output stage.

The new PSU provides a range of different protection circuity, including output overload protection, output over-voltage protection, thermal shutdown, and isolation between stages. 

Input protection is provided via inrush current limiting, varistors, internal safety fuse, and voltage alarms if the input voltage drops too much. The PSU includes redundant diodes and modules to ensure continued operation even when an output stage fails. 


Video courtesy of Absopulse. 


Cooling in the unit is provided by the fans. The unit is designed for continuous operation for 140,000 hours, while demonstrated MTBF is significantly higher. Environmental protection is provided via is a rugged design and conformal sealing. 

The new power supply is suited for use with reactive loads such as motors. The ability to scale the PSU with multiple PSUs in parallel may make it easier for systems that expect to increase in size over time. Being able to scale this also allows the PSU to be used for redundant systems that require a level of reliability.


What is APFC?

When designing power converters, efficiency is arguably the most important factor. At low powers (tens of watts), a few watts can be wasted, and small thermal management systems can remove this heat with ease. 

Power converters that deal with thousands of watts can struggle to remove this heat, and increased heat often results in poorer performance. Efficiency also relates to price. Every watt of electricity wasted also adds unnecessary electrical costs.

The power factor is the difference between the input power from an AC source and the power used by the AC source. A circuit with reactance (i.e., a capacitive and/or inductive element) behaves differently to changing voltages from an AC supply. The net result is that power is wasted as a result of the two not being matched.

Power factor correction is about trying to remove the capacitive and inductive effects of a circuit powered by an AC circuit.

The new power supply unit from Absopulse aims to address problems with efficiency and power supply issues. The unit is now available to all customers.