Increase Your Might: Kollmorgen’s AKD2G 24A Servo Drive Promises More Power On Demand

September 12, 2023 by Seth Price

Kollmorgen’s latest servo drive offers more power for intermittent motion control applications.

Kollmorgen, a Regal Rexnord brand, has developed a servo drive capable of delivering much more power than similar drives on the market. The AKD2G 24A servo drive can supply three times the rated current for a full five seconds. This gives it the extra startup and stopping power required in many demanding manufacturing applications. 


Highly configurable the ADK2G 24A's I/O ports can be used for a variety of feedback sensors, or to control multiple drives at a time.

Highly configurable the ADK2G 24A's I/O ports can be used for a variety of feedback sensors, or to control multiple drives at a time. Image used courtesy of Kollmorgen.


More Power, Small Package

Why would a motion control leader pride itself in creating products that operate above the rated current limit? Because that rated current limit is for continuous, steady-state motion. Often, a higher current is required to start and stop machinery, but that higher current is only required for a brief amount of time. The high current, and the heat associated with it, are limited, meaning the drive can operate safely without the risk of a fire.

The ability to apply higher currents for longer periods is especially useful when a motion control system overcomes startup friction or fights inertia, especially for starting and stopping operations. Imagine a steel conveyor belt that is used to transport heavy parts from one operation to the next. During normal operation, a steady current is required to keep the belt moving. However, during routine maintenance, the belt is temporarily stopped with parts still resting on the belt. To get the belt moving again, additional current to the motor is required to overcome the static friction of the system at rest. Once the belt is moving, the current can be reduced again to the normal state.

At first glance, this may seem like a simple feat; higher current requires larger components, more physical thermal management devices, and the like. That is where the ADK2G 24A defies the trend. This servo drive occupies a small footprint, making it more easily placed in automation system designs.

Other Features of the ADK2G 24A Servo Drive

Delivering high current for intermittent use is not the only advantage of the ADK2G 24A drives. Equipped with a terminal for an external display and an SD port for backup, operators can see exactly what is happening with this drive, and quickly restore operating parameters if needed. 

The ADK2G 24A is also highly configurable. I/O ports can be used for a variety of sensors for feedback, or to control multiple drives at a time. This is particularly advantageous for robotic systems with multiple motors to control different axes of motion. A standard X5 connector with a Smart Feedback Adaptor (SFA) and wiring are used to interface these devices. Also, an X4 connector can be used to operate a secondary brake, to assist in rapid stopping operations.

Safety levels, protocols, and other options can be configured as well.


Higher Current Delivery, Longer Burst Time

The Kollmorgen ADK2G 24A servo drive offers higher current delivery for a longer burst time, making it a good choice for automation and motion control systems that require rapid starting and stopping. For multi-axis machines, these drives can keep motion precise and quick, delivering torque during rapid changes in direction. Besides the high current delivery, the small form factor will make it a good choice for tight spaces and compact systems, where real estate is limited.