Kollmorgen Introduces Enhancements to Its Powerful AKD2G Drive

August 24, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

Kollmorgen recently enhanced its AKD2G to deliver a more powerful drive that offers users better access to complex motion capabilities in a simple, compact device.

Kollmorgen Enhances Its Flagship Servo Drive

Kollmorgen, maker of motors, drives, linear actuators, and AGV control products, recently introduced enhancements to their flagship AKD2G drive. The AKD2G 24A is compact, designed to help engineers reduce cabinet complexity, and helps solve real-estate issues when configuring control networks. According to Kollmorgan, the new drive can eliminate the need for larger drives in some cases.

he Kollmorgen AKD2G 24A offers 3X the amperage rating of other similar drives for short-duration power. I

The Kollmorgen AKD2G 24A offers 3X the amperage rating of other similar drives for short-duration power. Image courtesy of Kollmorgen


The AKD2G 24A is engineered for multi-axis servo systems that require precision and accuracy. The drive utilizes a single cable to reduce its complexity. Kollmorgan also enhanced the servo drive’s intrinsic safety features. A graphical display has also been added to help facilitate easier integrations and applications. Servo drives have many roles and need to be flexible. The AKD2G 24A is designed to meet requirements for most applications, including those that require a higher amperage such as conveyors or heavy-lift applications. 


Features of the AKD2G 24A

The AKD2G 24A is also ideal for applications that see intermittent and heavy duty. Kollmorgan says this is due to the drive’s high amperage rating (up to three times the rating of similar drives) for up to 5 seconds during peak power production. With that kind of performance, users can downsize drives in certain applications, particularly those that require high peak power consumption over short periods of time. 

To help control engineers decide if a downsize is possible, Kollmorgen created the Motioneering sizing & selection tool. The Motioneering software gives customers the assurance engineers are specifying the correct drive for the application. The program takes engineers and machine designers’ specific parameters to help them decide the best choice for their application.


Easily Configurable

Kollmorgen has designed the drive to be easily configurable to ensure proper specifications for each application. Drive settings are also customizable, and include:

  • Safety level
  • Fieldbus 
  • I/O 



For applications that need it, a secondary brake can be connected via an X4 connector.  In addition to an extra brake, an X5 connector can create faster Smart Feedback Adapter (SFA) wiring. 

Of course, Kollmorgen offers technical support to help customers with the integration of the AKD2G 24A into their plant processes. The versatile drive is designed to meet the needs of a broad swath of industries including satellite ground stations, robotics, packaging, and labeling, among other applications.
Kollmorgen’s AKD2G 24A provides users and designers with a versatile, high-amperage drive with a compact footprint. The new drive is also ideal for applications that require intermittent high-amperage use. Lastly, Kollmorgen’s Motioneering software comes pre-installed to help determine if the AKD2G 24A is suitable for each specific application.