Kassow Robots Brings Its Highest Reaching 7-Axis Cobot To North America

May 12, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

Copenhagen-born robot manufacturer, Kassow Robots, has released its longest-reaching cobot yet, the 7-axis KR1805, for sale in North America. The cobot will be on display at Automate 2023.

Kassow Robots has announced plans to make its KR1805 7-axis collaborative robot available to manufacturers in the North American market. The KR1805 is a 7-axis collaborative robot capable of an extended reach of 1800 mm—the longest reach of Kassow Robots' offerings. The extended reach gives the KR1805 greater versatility in a variety of applications, including machine tending, assembly, quality assurance, and pick-and-place.


Kassow Robots KR1805 7 Axis Collaborative Robot

Kassow Robots' KR1805 industrial cobot offers a long reach and seven degrees of freedom. Image used courtesy of Kassow Robots


Seven Degrees of Freedom

Kassow Robots has five different cobots available for their customers, with the KR1805 offering the longest reach of the lot. The 7th axis gives the cobot unique abilities over traditional 6-axis robots. With the extra wrist joint, the cobot can work continuously without reorientation in welding, dispensing, and removing materials. The additional axis allows for continuous arm reorientation during the motion. 7-axis robots offer a smaller footprint and more dexterity, which can be a major bonus in bin-picking applications.

Since the KR1805 is a collaborative robot, it can be used alongside factory workers to help lighten the workload and speed up the workflow process. Cobots are useful at completing tedious or labor-intensive tasks, leaving the major thinking to their human counterparts. Often cobots can be mounted on mobile carts that are easily transferred between work locations to operate wherever the workload is the heaviest. Kassow Robot’s KR1805 weighs only 35 kg, so it can easily be transported from one work location to another.


The KR1805 offers the longest reach (1800 mm) of Kassow Robots' cobot lineup. Image used courtesy of Kassow Robots

Kassow Robotics at Automate 2023

Automate is the largest showcase of automation in North America, with as many as 750 vendors attending each year to display their robotic systems and automation solutions. Automate has different conferences to suit the needs of whoever attends; the conference runs from May 22-25 in Detroit, Michigan. Kassow Robotics will demonstrate the KR1805, newly available in North America, along with Kassow Robots' other solutions this year at Automate 2023.


The KR1805 tool head. Image used courtesy of Kassow Robots


“Strong, Fast, Simple”

Kassow Robots was founded in Denmark and focuses on building cobot solutions that are “strong, fast," and "simple.” The company designs different styles and sizes of 7-axis collaborative robots or cobots. Their cobots are designed to be used with simple programming to give customers a cost-effective and efficient platform to build from. Kassow Robots maintains that their cobots are efficient and cost-effective for machine tending, material handling, general automation, and other tasks.