LAPP USA Debuts New Line of VFD Cables at ATX West, Optimized for Industrial Applications

February 14, 2020 by Sophia Valente

LAPP USA was among the many companies debuting new technologies including their new line of VFD cables at ATX West this week in Anaheim.

They introduced their newest line of VFD motor cables, comprised of ÖLFLEX® VFD 1XL and 1XL with Signal. The two cables are similar in design, with the latter including signal pair construction that enables one cable for applications. 


New Line of Shielded VFD Motor Cables

The use of XLPE (Plus) insulation in the new line is the foundation for a reduced cable outer diameter. The thinner coating allows for more cables to be installed on crowded trays and cable carrier systems and provides the opportunity to downsize protective cable conduit systems.

Raj Desai, Product Manager, LAPP USA, mentioned, "It follows the NFPA 79 regulation, and it uses an XLP insulation. It’s one of the ones that has a continuous flex, and it also has a very small diameter.”

The cable jacket is industrial-grade and phthalate-free, and has a specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer to resist harsh industrial environments. 


LAPP cables

The OLFLEX VFD 1XL cable via LAPP. Image used courtesy of LAPP. 


Continuous Flex Designed For Efficiency 

The line also boasts heightened flexibility, increasing usability in tray applications with a tight bending radius. This is authenticated through Lapp’s UL-Verified Continuous Flex Test Method, which “helps to assist in determining a product’s point of degradation with regards to electrical and mechanical parameters based on the number of continuous flexing cycles it has undergone.” This flex method made LAPP the first company to receive UL verification on a continuous flex test method. The cables have a continuous flex (CF) 01 rating, implying a 1-2 million cycle life range, and optimization for “basic continuous flexing and cable track applications.” 


LAPP cables

ÖLFLEX® VFD 1XL. Image used courtesy of LAPP USA.


New Cable Built for Harsh Industrial Environments

Given the likelihood of VFD motors operating in rough industrial environments, the cables were developed to withstand factory conditions. Their design resists oil, water, impact, and various other environmental hazards. Temperature-wise, the cables are both sunlight resistant and maintain a -40ºC cold bend and -25ºC cold impact threshold. This makes the wires ideal for industrial applications with VFD motor connections. The rugged construction and high flexibility of the cables is advantageous for use with pumps, compressors, conveyors, elevators, extruders, presses, and HVAC. 

A more detailed breakdown of the cable’s construction includes tinned copper fine wire conductors, and multifaceted shielding that incorporates barrier tape, triple-layer foil tape, tinned copper braid, and tinned copper drain wire. Because the cables are TC-ER approved, conduit is not required for installation. 

Other approvals include C(UL) CIC FT4, XHHW-2 performance requirements per UL44, and AWM 22022 per UL 758. Information on the ÖLFLEX® VFD 1XL and 1XL with Signal cables, as well as the entirety of LAPP’s VFD line, can be found in the company’s catalog. 


Where would you use these cables?