Living In an Uptime World: Belden Releases New I/O Products to Help You Stay There

September 19, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

Belden recently developed new I/O products to help customers with better data acquisition and IIoT plant connectivity.

Belden Inc., a global supplier of digital I/O solutions and industrial network products, recently released new I/O technologies designed to help their customers increase uptime while improving plant equipment network connectivity. Belden says it developed two solution paths to help remove data silos and create a more connected plant environment: Data Orchestration & Management and Data Acquisition & Transmission. Belden’s Lumberg Automation LioN-X Digital and LioN-Power I/O Modules and PROVIZE software Suite comprise the former, and the company's new M12 Connectors and OptiTuff Cable management systems comprise the latter. Regardless, Belden says its new offerings promise to help customers live in an "Uptime" world made possible through better Industry 4.0 connectivity. 


Hear Them Roar: Lumberg Automation's LioN-X I/0 Modules

To support data orchestration and management, Belden's engineers focused on two things: eliminating inaccessible data silos and improving the industrial utility of the devices themselves. According to Belden, its Lumberg Automation LioN-X devices are fieldbus independent and support the five most-used Ethernet protocols. Belden says it also delivers a system and machine designers a fit-for-duty platform meant to perform in harsh environments.

LioN-X Digital and LioN-X Power I/O Modules offer customers flexibility and reliability.

LioN-X Digital and LioN-X Power I/O Modules offer customers flexibility and reliability. Image used courtesy of Belden


PROVIZE Network Planning

Belden also offers its PROVIZE suite to help customers with network planning, commissioning, and management. The PROVIZE suite is split into two different products; the PROVIZE Planner and the PROVIZE Explorer. The Planner can be used to simplify network planning and configuration, and Explore is available for commissioning Hirschmann devices and to access to the GUI of each device.      


Belden’s Data Transmission and Acquisition Products  

Belden's new products are specifically designed to help with data transmission and data acquisition. The new line includes the OptiTuff cable management and connectivity systems as well as Lumberg Automation sensor actuator connectors. 


M12 Connectors By Lumberg Automation

The Lumberg Automation M12 connectors offered by Belden are designed to fit into either straight or angled positions and are suitable for analog or digital signal types depending on the application. Process reliability and system availability can be assured with the use of these cables as a result of a robust design and secure data transmission. Belden hopes to help end users maintain the maximum amount of uptime by reducing the chances of M12 cable failure. 


Lumberg M12 Series Connectors.

Lumberg M12 Series Connectors. Image used courtesy of Belden


OptiTuff Cable Management and Connectivity

Belden’s OptiTuff Mini Fiber Cables combine new connection opportunities with faster, easier installations. Compatible with Belden’s FX Fusion Splice-On Connector and FX ECX Patch Panel System, according to Belden, OptiTuff Mini Fiber Cables help expand the possibilities of fiber cable installation for customers.


Helping to Build Better Industry 4.0 Moustraps and Interconnectivity

Beldon’s new I/O network products were designed to help customers with their plant interconnectivity and data access. When specified and implemented correctly, LioN-X and LioN-Power Modules, integrated with PROVIZE Suite data management software Lumberg Automation M12 connectors and OptiTuff Mini Fiber Cables, better data transmission and acquisition happening in real-time will follow.