LogiMAT 2023 Brings Together Latest in Intralogistics, Sees Record Crowd

May 09, 2023 by Damond Goodwin

LogiMAT 2023 was the largest ever, with companies from around the globe showcasing their latest automation technology for greater speed and efficiency in intralogistics and process management.

LogiMAT 2023, the International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions, saw a record number of visitors. Image used courtesy of LogiMAT

LogiMAT 2023

LogiMAT 2023 (April 25 - 27) included a record number of visitors, and more than 1,563 exhibitors attended to showcase their products and solutions. Among them were more than 100 exclusive product debuts, never before seen for potential customers to experience in action. Three companies, Hai Robotics, ABB, and Schmalz, brought products and solutions of note, showcasing new technology available to customers in the automation industry.


Hai Robotics' exhibited its latest in autonomous case-handling robot technology. Image used courtesy of Hai Robotics


Hai Robotics ACR Systems

Hai Robotics, a leader in autonomous case-handling robot (ACR) systems, unveiled a number of new solutions for LogiMAT, including:

  • The HaiFlex system, which uses ACRs and AMR-type robots in tandem to create a viable solution for combining two different automation zones into a single comprehensive unit, greatly increasing efficiency.
  • The HaiPick A3, which was showcased as a forklift-type ACR that can handle different types of products without the need for totes or pallets.
  • The HaiPick A42TD, a fork-based picker capable of reaching products in high places and reaching a total height of 10 m. The forks are adjustable, allowing for a variety of product-picking options.
  • The HaiPort, which can increase speeds by 16 times over traditional robot-to-conveyor belt transport with the use of ACR technology.


ABB's Robotic Item Picker solution uses machine vision and AI for detecting and picking items. Image used courtesy of ABB


ABB Item Picking and SLAM

ABB, a leader in electrification and automation, announced new solutions to help end users with market trends and changes due to changing demands and labor shortages. The ABB Item Picker solution can fit onto one of three ABB robots: the IRB1200, IRB 1300, or IRB 2600, and features a payload of 3 kg. It uses AI and suction grippers to complete dexterous tasks normally only possible with human labor.

In addition to the Item Picker, ABB included their latest Visual SLAM technology that helps guide autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The technology is able to make AMRs more dynamic in their decision-making with the use of AI. In addition, less calibration time is necessary when the AMRs are first introduced to their plant settings, and a reduction of 20% in calibration time isn’t unheard of. The system works by using cameras mounted on the AMRs to create a visual 3D map of the surroundings, meaning it can be used in a constantly changing environment, greatly increasing its versatility.


Schmalz's bin-picking solution utilizes Schmalz's Pick Accelerator and ivOS Pick-and-Pack solution kit. Image used courtesy of Schmalz


Schmalz Bin-Picking

Schmalz also displayed some exciting new technology at LogiMAT 2023 with its new bin-picking solution that significantly increases bin-picking speed. The ivOS Pick-and-Pack solution kit offered by Schmalz is capable of higher communication speeds with higher-level systems allowing for an increase in bin-picking speed capabilities. The solution kit enables better connectivity among sensors so robots can have a faster vision and gripping possibilities—the Pick Accelerator has shown a speed of 2,700 picks per hour. The robots work independently and can change grippers when necessary to pick different objects.


Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions

LogiMAT is an international trade show that showcases intralogistics solutions and process management. Located in Stuttgart, Germany, the trade show helps manufacturers and logistics companies understand industry trends and what new products are available on the market. It also serves as a major knowledge-transfer space for automation users to exchange ideas with designers and makers of automation technology.