Matrox Imaging Announces New Version of Flowchart-Based Vision Software

December 26, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

Matrox Imaging just announced the release of the latest version of Matrox Design Assistant X for machine vision application development.

Matrox Imaging, known for specializing in hardware and software products to support machine vision, has released a new version of their flowchart-based IDE  (Integrated Development Environment): Matrox Design Assistant X Version 2019.


Matrox Design Assistant X

Matrox Design Assistant X is an IDE for Windows whose purpose is to support the development of machine vision applications. One of the key aspects of Matrox Design Assistant is its use of flowcharts (rather than traditional code writing) to allow more intuitive development of applications.


The latest version of Matrox Design Assistant X has powerful new features that include tools for enhanced processing of 3D images. Image used courtesy of Matrox


Matrox Design Assistant X also makes it possible to generate a graphical web-based operator interface for applications. It includes extensive tools for key imaging processing tasks such as locating, analyzing, classifying, verifying, segmentation and measuring.

Fabrio Perelli, Product Manager at Matrox, explained that “The latest release of Matrox Design Assistant X delivers a broad range of new functionality, especially for 3D machine vision” and points out its ability to speed and simplify the development of modern machine vision applications.


Key Features in Matrox Design Assistant X Version 2019

One of the new features available in Matrox Design Assistant X Version 2019 includes added 3D tools and the ability to interface directly with Matrox AltiZ and third-party 3D cameras and sensors through their SDK (software development kit) or an appropriate interface standard.


Matrox Design Assistant Version 2019 offers excellent tools for 3D image acquisition and processing. Image used courtesy of Matrox


This new version of Design Assistant provides the ability to visualize point clouds, which can be meshed, filled, or color-coded along with profiles and depth maps. The volume of a point cloud or depth map can be calculated, and 3D data can also be cropped.


New Features

Design Assistant X supports the Matrox Iris GTX line of smart cameras that serve as model edge IoT devices. These cameras have been designed to provide both on-device image acquisition and processing to support optimized, real-time information to make decisions quickly.  When combined with Matrox The Design Assistant X has access to traditional machine vision operation tools and powerful deep learning inference for tasks such as segmentation and image classification.

Design Assistant X also includes support for developing Industry 4.0 applications through its support of the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) for interaction with manufacturing systems.

The latest version of the IDE supports an HDR (High Dynamic Range) step that generates images with enhanced contrast and a greater level of luminance. In addition, simplified troubleshooting and automation are made possible through new reporting capabilities and runtime execution monitoring and Matrox Design X Version works with 2019 64-bit Windows 7 with SP1 and Windows 10 (versions 1607 to 21H1) and is currently available for purchase.